Inspirations To Customize Your Straw Bag

posted on: Monday, July 7, 2014

Hola amig@s! Hope you had a great weekend. Some of the questions that I got to be asked the most since I moved to Germany were if I miss Miami or how I'm coping with the cold winter. The reality is that the transition has been really smooth and have enjoyed and embraced the advantages and challenges of my new life from day one. BUT...when the Summer arrives, I really miss THE BEACH. 

We have ahead of us some pretty hectic weeks, involving the moving to a new apartment, work or doctor's appointments, but I believe that we'll finally be able to hit the Mediterranean shore at the beginning of August. More details to come. Fingers crossed. 

In the meantime, I've been "Pinteresting" my way around embellished straw bags. I got one last year, in Asturias, and I'm thinking about giving it a facelift for our upcoming trip. Here you have my top inspirations. Enjoy the images.

How do you like straw bags or embellished straw bags for that matter?

Have a great week! 

Playa de las Catedrales. As Catedrais Beach (Ribadeo, Spain)

posted on: Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello, my friends. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I wanted to share with you some pics from our last trip to Spain, back in Easter this year. One of the highlights of the long weekend was the day trip we took to visit Playa de las Catedrales, one of the most remarkable beaches in Europe. 

What makes this beach so special is the natural archs and caves scattered all over. These magnificent rock formations can only be seen with low tide, so the experience is certainly time-sensitive. Here you have some images if you'd like to see. The rice with see food we had at the restaurant right by the beach was as delicious as it looks like. 

Overall it was a lovely and low-key four-day trip where we could celebrate with my parents the arrival of the new family member. :) Enjoy the pics and have a great and productive week! 


Life Is What Happens While You Make Other Plans

posted on: Sunday, June 22, 2014

Amig@s! First of all my apologies for the long blogging absence. You've certainly been missed. So has been blogging. During the past weeks -months!- I've been focusing all my energy in organizing our new life around the fact that, well, God has blessed Michael and I with the arrival of a baby.
I'm now 19 weeks along. This eco was taken a few weeks back. My next doctor's appointment is on July 3th -our third aniversary! Perhaps then we get to know the sex of the baby.
You know what they say: Life is what happens while you make other plans. The baby was conceived during the second week at my new job. Just when we decided we should wait a few months to start trying. Apparently, our baby couldn't wait that long :)

God willing, towards the end of this year (November) Michael and I will make our dream of enlarging our little family come true.
I can't wait to start sharing here all the emotions and life landmarks we've been going through during the past months. You've been so inspiring and supportive all along that I really want you guys to be part of what it surely is the greatest thing it happened to us.
Much love!
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